Capacity to provide 85% LTV for projects (Minimum €5 M to €20 B EUR) if meeting the below requirements.

Executive Summary of the project
Proposed use of funds
5 year projections
Letter from your lawyer/solicitor/bank office, verifying the 15% proof of funds for the down payment with bank account information. (if you have a government or performance guarantee this should be provided also)
If the 15% is provided by outside source the party must submit a Client information Sheet for compliance and  background check.

Competitive Rates
5 Year Term
15% Down
1 Year Refinance available with no penalty
Both European and International Projects are acceptable
Project Approval generally within 20 business days

Please send details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Housing  -  Apartments, Condominium Communities, Senior Living Facilities, etc.
Commercial  -  Shopping Centres and Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools
Energy  -  Solar, Alternative, Renewable, Oil & Gas, Coal, Traditional Fossil Fuels, etc.
Infrastructure  -  Roads, Bridges, Airports, Refineries, Water Treatment Facilities, etc.
Recreational  -  Golf Courses, Community Centers, or other public recreational use
Manufacturing  -  Various
Agriculture  -  Various  

Qualified Projects are eligible from within the European Union or Internationally, and are available to both private and public sector entities.

Please Note: 
This program DOES NOT involve Hard Money Lending.
Commissions paid to Authorized and Registered Independent Agents Worldwide